Telečka is located on the eastern part of Sombor municipality, 9 kilometers from Kljajićevo and 22 kilometers from Sombor. It is the smallest and the least populated settlements in the municipality. The village is set on the western part of the Bačka loess plateau on its west side that carries the same name as the village.
Museum of tobacco and blacksmith trade
Šipoš Đerđa 50, Telečka
founder: Ištvan Kovač
tel: +381 25 864 082
The museum was opened in the private house of István Kovács. The Kovács family is known for the production and processing of tobacco. Grandfather of Istvan Kovács settled down in the village in 1883. since he acquired the land in the settlement for production and processing of tobacco.
The museum collection has more than 100 showpieces from tools to old cigars and cigarettes to perfumes and an old fashioned self tanning cream and some of these are more than 150 years old.

Museum of clocks and antiques
Adi Endrea bb, Telečka
founder: Jožef Peić
tel: +381 69 1179 411
Ticket price:: adults 80, students 30, pensioners 50 dinars
Current collection contains 120 wall, mantle, pocket, table and wrist clocks. Among others visitors are able to view various antiques, such as old petroleum lamps, mortars, hand painted plates, old coins and paper bills, books, icons, prayer books. Museum of clocks and antiques is open for visitors during the week between 2pm and 6pm. Visitors can also make appointments more suitable for their tour.