Stanišić is one of the biggest settlements in Sombor municipality. It’s set on the slope of the loess plateau where the plateau meets Bačka loess plateau. The legal act of giving the settlement as a gift to Pal Serényi, a royal count and respected royal dignitary, represents the first record about this village. The village has been populated with Serbian ethnic group from Baračke and Dautovo since 1763. After the Second World Ward many families from Dalmatia (Croatia) have moved to this area. The name Stanišić dates from 1832.
The village celebrates its Slava on 19th of August known as Preobraženje (Transfiguration of Jesus, lat. Transifiguration Domini) and during the festivities many exhibitions of local amateur icon makers are organized as well as an exhibitions of handmade crafts. The festivity is also a good opportunity for an amateur theater group “Prometej” to show their program. The local newspaper “Pannonski mornar” traditionally prints an issue dedicated to this festivity.
Catholic Church
According to the tales, the heart of its founder, count Redl, is kept in the basement of this church.
Artificial lake and eco camp “Brčak”
The small artificial lake and eco camp “Brčak” is an ideal place for picnicking during the summer season.
Art gallery in Stanišić
The gallery is found in the street Oslobođenja, house number 93, in the building of the former Culture House. Many of the artworks that have been made on art colonies, which have been organized by the Local Community Offices each year, are displayed in the gallery. The Local Community Offices plan to rent the gallery space for every artist that wants to have solo exhibitions.
tel:+381 25 831 505
Amateur Theatre Collective „Dositej”
The collective has been the host of folklore ensembles competitions where they accommodated ensembles from Poland, Greece, FYR Macedonia and Kosovo.