A geographically well place, Kolut is a village surrounded by Danube’s meanders on the west and south, and on the east it’s surrounded by river Plazović. The river has had a huge impact in the growth of the village as well as the Baja canal. Swamps occupy a vast area with the surface of more than 294 hectare. The village provides a road that leads straight to the Hungarian border and on the other side a road to the village Bački Breg. Kolut is an old settlement and it was first mentioned in 1261. under the name of Kulod by the landlord family name of Kilod.
The Cultural Collective of Kolut was founded in 1996. and represents the first collective of that kind in Sombor municipality. Part of the Culturcal Collective of Kolut are the art, literary as well as the music sections. The Collective has its premises in the building of the Local Community Offices with the permanent exhibition of local artists’ artoworks. In collaboration with the Local Community Offices, the Collective annually organizes the so called “Ilindan festivities” a cultural and entertainment event dedicated to the protector of the village, Saint Ilija.
Zoo “Miki”, Kolut
The first privately owned Serbian zoo
Stojana Matića 74, Kolut
vlasnik: Milan Mirić
phone: +381 25 804 288 +381 63 568250
e-mail: miki@kolutzoo.com
web: www.kolutzoo.com
admission: for groups- 100 dinar per person, individual- 150 dinars. Tour time- 2 hours.
Zoo “Miki” is a first privately owned Zoo in Serbia, founded in 1988. The owner, Milan Mirić claims that the zoo inhabits more than 100 animal species from all around the world on the area of 7 hectares of forest, several man made ponds and lakes with pastures. Alongside with the zoon in Frankfurt (Germany), “Miki” is the only zoo where tourists and animal lovers can view a rare species of birds such as Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) and two different genus of flamingos. The zoo is a home to various different birds as well as bears, deer, moose, ponies, reptiles, donkeys etc. The zoo attracts people from all walks of life- curious animal lovers, children, scientists and ornithologists.
Fish pond
A manmade lake and fish pond has been created near the village Kolut. The 200 hectares vast pond and lake gives a fruitful 20 wagons of fish annually.