An 14th century settlement, Čonoplja is set some 12 kilometers (7.45 miles) north-east from Sombor, on the meeting of loess plateau and loess terrace. The village itself is surrounded by surface waters represented by Čonopljan pond and Kljajićevo stream which contain water only in the periods of rainy season. The village has approximately 4359 inhabitants and is represented by a vast area of agricultural land, most suitable for crops.
Čonopljan Lake
Reservoir Lake set north-east from the village on the road to the village Pačir is a great attraction for all visitors. The lake itself occupies a space of 40 hectare and has a 5 kilometers long canal with forest on each side of its banks. Its rich with carp, catfish, pike, perch and it’s a haven for all fishing enthusiasts.
Etno kuća u Čonoplji
Božidara Adžije 38, Čonoplja
osnivač: Jolan Rajčanji
tel: +381 64 52 55 558
e-mail: etnoconoplja@yahoo.com
Etno kuća porodice Rajčanji deluje u sklopu udruženja „Pričajuća prošlost“. U kući su izloženi mnogobrojni tradicionalni predmeti iz svakodnevnog života, alati i oruđa.Sobe su ukrašene ručno rađenim stolnjacima, ponjavama,kao i fotografijama iz porodičnog života.
Steam Mill
The first steam mill was constructed in 1908. by two German settlers from Crvenka village and was erected in the German part of the village. The second steam mill was erected in the part of the village predominantly inhabited by the Bunjevac ethnic group.
The little white church
The tale says that the Virgin Mary has appeared in front of one of the villagers so a Catholic monument was erected in 1897. in Virgin Mary’s honor. The little white church is accompanied with a healing well that symbolizes this event. Each year on the 15th of August on the day of Velika Gospa the church is visited.
Village festivity or village Slava
Traditionally on the 15th of June the village festivity or a village Slava is held in honor of the Holy Trinity. On this day many cultural and sporting events are held.