Backi Monostor

Located 15 kilometers west of Sombor.
They call it "the pearl of the Upper Danube". It is situated between a beautiful forest, "hugged" by the water of the Danube. Today’s settlement was built during the eighteenth century on the former site of the medieval town Bodrog which mysteriously disappeared into the Danube. Backi Monoštor is decorated with authentic cultural heritage that is reflected in the multitude of native traditions, folklore, language, traditional costumes, food and music which has retained its basic shape for more than 200 years. Backi Monoštor is known for hunting areas, and the waters that surround it are a real treat for fishers.
Passing through the village is a bicycle path "Pannonian path of peace", which is 80 km long, and connects Osijek and Sombor. The Local Community of Backi Monostor organizes every August, "Bodrog Fest" - a festival of food, tradition and craft products. The program includes the preparation of culinary specialties, driving coaches, cultural and traditional programs in the church, ethnic programs in the center of the settlement, a program for young people, an exhibition of craft products from natural materials and rich food.
Cultural and historical buildings: the Church of St. Peter and Paul - a protected monument of Serbia, Sanctuary guide, archeological site Bartanj - excavations at the site are ongoing, Archeological site Siga and Old Village - exhibits are located in the City Museum in Sombor.
Ethno house "Mali Bodrog" ("Little Bodrog")
Oslobodjenja 32, Backi Monostor
owners: Katica and Erzika Antalovic
phone: +381 25 807 163
ticket price: 80 din.
Ethno house "Little Bodrog" in Backi Monostor was built in typical monoštor style 150 years ago, and its appearance is maintained to this day. The house is covered by reed, furnished with authentic furniture and masonry stoves, all the materials were found in the surrounding forests. A big yard well decorated in ethnic style.
The house was renovated with the help of the local community, and is owned by the family Antalovic. It is open to individual and group visits.
Collection of dolls in Sokac folk costumes
Zagrebacka 79, Backi Monostor
owner: Eva Kovac
phone: 025/807 654, 025/807 504
ticket price: free
One of the most interesting settings of folk costumes in this part of Vojvodina is situated in the ordinary Kovac family home in Backi Monostor, a remote village about fifteen kilometers west of Sombor. The collection is displayed in the hallway of the family home and includes 10 female and 2 male dolls in almost life-size, which are dressed in old Sokac costumes. The collection started a decade ago when Mrs. Eva Kovac made her first costume for one female and one male doll from her favorite folk costume of her youth. Over time, Ms. Kovac alone or with the help of friends started developing other costumes. Every created national costume is unique . At the moment the plan is to create one more costume. The collection in addition to the traditional costumes includes a cradle from 1907 with a doll that has a cap on its head (šepu) which were once worn by babies as well as useful instruments such as women’s aprons of which some are 150 years old. The collection was created out of love, wishes and the need of Mrs. Eva Kovac to present and save part of the Sokac culture and tradition from oblivion.

Eco-Recreation Center
contact person: Dejan Mitic
cell phone: +381 63 893 8128
The tourist package of Backi Monoštor offers the Eco-recreation center, which was officially opened on the International Environmental Day, 05 June 2008.
The Eco-recreation center consists of an amphitheater with wooden benches for workshops, training and teachings in nature, mini playground with swings and a seesaw, a polygon of the well known game, "Man do not get mad" in a macro format as well as a football field suitable for sports and recreational facilities. The Eco-Recreation Center is located on the edge of the Special Nature Reserve "Upper Danube," and serves as a characteristic point at which visitors learn about and prepare for the visit to the Reserve.
The center is a result of the project of the Association of Citizens "Podunav" from Backi Monoštor in cooperation with the City of Sombor, JP "Vojvodinašume" and MZ "Backi Monostor" on the location Dola.