Pannonian Peace Trail

Pannonian Peace Trail

Sombor – Osijek Bicycle Route

Bicycle route the Pannonian Peace Trail is 80 kilometres long and connects the towns of Osijek (Croatia) and Sombor (Vojvodina – Serbia). The route stretches through some of the best preserved nature areas on the Danube River including Kopački Rit and Special nature reserve called Gornje Podunavlje.

The bicycle route in Osijek begins on the right side of the road heading north – directly beyond the road bridge over the Drava River. The starting point in Sombor is located by Saint Florian monument in Batinska street.

The aim of the Pannonian Peace Trails is to connect people, preserve natural and cultural values and lasting development in the Danube region. While on the route, one can enjoy local cuisines, traditional handy-crafts, cultural and historical points of interest, boating, horse carriage rides and photography opportunities among others.

The bicycle route and the Osijek – Sombor Pannonian Peace Trail, is the third cross-border peace bicycle route in the world.