The Municipality of Sombor is exceptionally rich in fishing terrains. The largest water surface is certainly the River Danube but the Great Bačka Canal, the Bajski Canal and the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal and Čonoplja Lake are also worth mentioning.

Each terrain in Sombor area is easy to reach.

Fishing terrains are located in the circle of about 20 km. There are boat and equipment rentals on all waters as well as the possibilities of hiring a fishing guide who would reveal you all the beauties and secrets of the Sombor area fishing terrains.



The Danube itself has a lot of good places for fishing. There is far and widely famous winter port near Kendjija, then the river bank near the great Bezdan Čarda and the bank all along to the customs station where the commonest fishermen are anglers or those who enjoy boat fishing. Downstream, there is a famous rock called „Rajter“ where a lot of large sheatfish and perches have been caught. A little farther there is a carp terrain full of tree stumps where real giants can be caught. The settlements Daraži fok, Dondo and Monoštor branch are also worth mentioning. The terrains are exceptionally rich in fish and all the Danube species like carp, sheatfish, perch, pike, rapfen, barbel, ide, large specimens of bream and other white fish can be caught there.



The Bajski Canal passes near Bački Breg and Kolut and it flows as far as Bezdan where it empties into the Great Bačka Canal. Its banks are mainly overgrown with reed while the coastline is adorned with water lilies which provide almost all fish species with shelter. All predatory fish species can be caught in the Bajski Canal: pike, sheatfish, perch... In the past ten years the water has been especially famous for the catch of large bass specimens.It is also well-known of carp catching, especially grass carp. It is not unusual that really large specimens of over 15 kg are caught on a fish hook. The best-known terrain for catching a grass carp is „Šira“ near Bezdan and the terrains around Bački Breg. Apart from these fish species, fishermen also catch large goldfish, bullhead, rapfen and all kinds of white fish. Besides fishing from the canal banks there are boat rentals as well.



It emerges near Bezdan from the sluice on the Danube and it flows near Bački Monoštor, Sombor and Kljajićevo. The canal is exceptionally clean, rich in water vegetation and varied fish population. Almost all fish species are caught: from sheatfish near Bezdan, especially large carps and grass carps to pike and popular bass. Every fisherman can enjoy catching large rudds, roaches, breams, goldfish and bullheads. There is a popular sluice near Bezdan famous for white fish catching, especially large bass in autumn. The part of the canal near the shipyard is well-known of large sheatfish, perch and grass carp. The areas around „The Bohemian Bridge“ near Monoštor and „the junction“ near Sombor are excellent places for catching grass carp, bass, carp, pike and other white fish.



It emerges near Bezdan at the sluice, which is the first good fishing location. At that place, rapfern, perch, sheatfish, carp and white fish catch is excellent. The Canal flows in the direction of Bački Monoštor along the Sombor suburban settlement of Bukovac as far as

„Prigrevica junction“. The fact is that „the DTD Canal“ in the Sombor Municipality is exceptionally rich in all fish species. Large specimens of carp, grass carp, sheatfish, pike and perch have been caught and there is plenty of white fish.



The extraordinary natural pearl of Vojvodina is located within the special reserve „Gornje Podunavlje“ which is under the special protection regime. Starting from Monoštor, we can see very well-known terrains like „Bašte“ (Gardens), „Duga bara“ (Long puddle) and „Štale“ (Stables). This water is famous for large specimens of carp, grass carp, sheatfish, perch, pike, bass, rapfen, goldfish, tench... In winter, Monoštor Marsh offers ice-fishing as an extraordinary adventure when fish is caught through the holes in the ice („oduške“ = openings). During the rest of the year, boat fishing is the most productive and there are several places where boats can be rented.



Čonoplja lake is a fishing jewel located a few kilometres away from Sombor in the north-east of Čonoplja Village. This lake is widely famous for especially large specimens of pike, carp, grass carp, goldfish and lately the beautiful specimens of sheatfish, perch and tolstolobic carp. There are special rules of behaviour on the lake considering the amount and the size of the catch. It is possible to fish from the coast and from the boats which can be rented on the spot.



Very nice closed water located on the way from Bezdan to the Danube. The water surface is covered with the carpet of white water lilies. It is rich in fish, especially carp, goldfish, grass carp and large bullhead while the lovers of predator fish usually catch pike and large bass (trout perch). There is an ecology classroom on the coast, called Baračka, with boat rentals as boat fishing is the most productive there.



The Kidjoš is a small river which empties into the Great Bačka Canal 3 km away from Bački Monoštor. It is rather overgrown with grass which is shown in the specific way of fishing, through the holes in the grass. Although uninteresting at first sight, the river can often surprise with a nice catch of large rudd, tench, goldfish, carp and on some occasions, large pike (to 5 kg).