Ethno house "Kuveljic"

Tesna 29, Backi Monostor
phone: +381 25 807 227, 808-220
cell: +381 63 1807 227
ticket price: adults 80, students 30, pensioners 50 din.

Ethno house "Kuveljic" is an old traditional Monostor house built out of soil, wood and cane, located near the old Danube estuary. Rooms are equipped with old furniture that was mandatory in all traditional homes: wooden double bed with tapestry over the head and bedside tables, an engraved wardrobe, chests, mirrors, laver, flower stands... Rooms are decorated with traditional - hand-made bed-sheets, tablecloths and rugs.
In the house there are many traditional tools from everyday life. The house has to this day retained its original shape, with soil walls, furniture and ceilings with beams.